CiiS MediaLibrary Professional

MediaLibrary Professional is an high-end web-based service for storing and quickly distributing all kinds of digital items to and from users/visitors. No, it is not a software package that needs to be installed, it is a hassle free end-to-end service we provide.

So if you have an ever growing collection of TV-Adds, brochures, manuals, user guides, technical documentation, drivers, software (packages or patches), high res. images or other video/sound clips, MediaLibrary Professional helps both your customers and employees to store and retrieve them in a hierarchical, easy-to-navigate web-environment.
Other library systems make use of different systems with often very different user interfaces for displaying, navigation and administration. MediaLibrary Professional however, offers a single, integrated environment. In addition, content and layout can be easily modified to suit local, international or corporate needs.
The information in MediaLibrary Professional is hierarchically displayed to make navigation easy and user-friendly. Multiple languages are supported, allowing for adjustment to local market situations. We will be able to setup the exact hierarchical structure of your content, define local languages and texts, upload and modify information, and view statistical information about downloads. The statistical information can be used as a tool to steer and evaluate sales and marketing campaigns.
Clients (internal and external) can choose their preferred language and start using the download area to navigate through the category structure, or directly search for a specific item. When users request a specific file, it can be offered for viewing only, direct download, or download after providing personal information or payment, depending on the client-side setup.
It never takes more then 4 mouse clicks to get to the right content!
The look and feel of the application, both Administration and Client Area will be fully customizable to fit the requirements of our customer. It can either be embedded in an existing website or set up as a separate website.

USPs of MediaLibrary Professional

  • MediaLibrary Powerful media storage service
  • Very stable and secure (24/7/365 availability)
  • Customized look and feel
  • International use through multi-language module
  • Unique user friendly user interface and administration module
  • Web-based, so accessible from anywhere in the world
  • Fully hosted and maintained by CiiS
  • Basic and Professional versions to suit requirements of every company size
  • Including marketing statistics and reporting


MediaLibrary Professional is a very flexible and cost-efficient solution to deal with your Media files. The more extensive your database of downloadable items, the greater the savings that can be realized. For instance, when new products are introduced, many materials and items are generally supporting the launch. These will have to be made available internally and externally, and they need to be maintained and kept up-to-date. This is a precious and time consuming process. It will be even more complex and costly if you have international customers or collegues who want to be supported in their own language. MediaLibrary Professional offers a cost-effective solution with multi language support. Moreover, the statistical information immediately shows the number of downloads per item, hence giving valuable information regarding the "popularity" of items.


MediaLibrary Professional is a very powerful sales and marketing tool helping your customers (internal and external) to find all the downloadable items they are looking for. MediaLibrary Professional is especially suitable for (international) companies carrying an extensive portfolio of products or services for which downloadable items are made available via a website. Whether you want to share brochures, manuals, user guides, technical documentation, drivers, software (packages or patches), reference materials (white papers), images, commercials, or video clips, MediaLibrary Professional will help your internal and external customers find and retrieve the requested files.
  • Brochures
  • Manuals
  • User guides
  • Technical documentation
  • Drivers
  • Software (packages or patches)
  • Reference materials
  • White papers
  • Hi-res images
  • Commercials
  • Video clips
  • Training materials
  • POSM
  • Etc.


MediaLibrary Professional is offered through a very transparent service fee model. For the setup of the service a one off fee is charged. For maintenance, support, storage and backup a monthly fee is due. Both fees are very dependant on the specifics of your situation of course. In a Fairly standard situation MediaLibrary Professional starts at 15.000 euro setup fee and a monthly service fee of 4,000 euro. Including your own dedicated support person.


As we all know, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Therefore we are more then happy to provide you with a completely free of charge demo version. It will be build to your own specific situation and needs. Please go ahead and see how easy it is to use. Ask for your own free demo version at
"Fantastic, all our european marketing material is now stored in 1 central location."
Michaela Adami-Schrot
VP-Marcoms of Liberty Broadband